Executive Payment Authorizer (ACH Debit Block & Filter)* will help protect your business against unauthorized ACH debit (Automated Clearing House) transactions and will put you in control. You can choose to block all ACH debit transactions or specify which companies are allowed to post debits to your account and protect your business from ACH debit fraud.

ACH Debit Block: Blocks all ACH debit transactions on your business account from all originating companies. You are able to view a list of these transactions and decide whether to pay or return the item(s).

ACH Debit Filter: Filters are set up to allow payments from specified originators. For example, ABC Company debits your account every month; by setting up a filter, recurring ACH debit transactions from this company will be automatically paid. All other transactions without a filter will be identified as “suspect” and will be suspended; you will have the option of paying or returning the transaction.

We understand that you may choose to have certain originators debit your account for payment. With Executive Payment Authorizer, you control ACH debit transactions that need to be paid or returned prior to the transaction posting to your account.

Call your banker or a member of our Treasury Services Department and set up an appointment to learn how to protect your accounts from ACH debit fraud; peace of mind is a phone call away. 305.662.4700

*Certain conditions apply