90.4% of our customers rated us 9 or 10 when asked, “On a scale
from 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend Executive National Bank to a friend or family member.” 

We strive to be the best bank in South Florida and understand that we are only as good as the service we provide to our customers. This is what our customers say about us:  

To all the wonderful people at ENB, Kendall. You are so professional, kind, considerate, and efficient… You’re the best!
02/06/2014 (Facebook Post)
It’s your personal service that distinguishes your bank from all others… I will definitely be referring as you guys as you personally have always exceeded my expectations.
02/06/2014 (Email)
The best feeling is when I call my banker Carmencita Ruiz in Kendall. She is always so friendly, kind, and quick to assist with anything I need!
12/13/2013 (Facebook Post)
I appreciate your thoughtfulness and attentiveness year ’round!
5/12/2013 (Email)
Kendall Branch: Vivian, Bessie, Ana, Gladys, Jeannette ALL. THANK YOU so much for your excellent Service! You are the best!
4/25/2013 (Facebook Post)
It was such a pleasure to come to this branch (Aventura). I was immediately greeted by name as if they see me every day! Thank you to everyone from the branch manager to the guard at the door!
1/8/2013 (In-Branch Survey)
Best bank in Miami.
5/10/2012 (In-Branch Survey)
Great staff. Unsurpassed service.
5/15/2012 (In-Branch Survey)
I’ve been with your bank since the 1970’s. I’ve always been treated like family. I would NEVER consider changing banks!
9/30/2011 9:33 PM
I always recommend Executive National Bank to my colleagues. All employees are professional, courtesy, and caring. I like that they know me which you do not get at a regional bank. Very personal service. THANK YOU !!!
9/27/2011 1:29 PM
A+ on all accounts. I’ve gotten savings, checking, safe deposit box, car loans and home loans as well as online banking here.
9/27/2011 10:08 AM
Todas las personas son muy educadas y atienden muy bien
9/27/2011 11:32 PM
My bank for over 30 years. You are the best. Thanks for the great service.
9/27/2011 4:32 PM
Executive National has been exceptionally good at customer service and makes me feel that I’m not just a number – but a valued client.
9/27/2011 3:45 PM
Great service. The staff knows who I am by name although I usually only go into the bank once a month.
9/27/2011 10:42 AM
Excellent and personalized one-to-one service AT ALL TIMES!
9/27/2011 2:04 PM
Es un Banco bilingüe con personas muy amables y está bien localizado
9/27/2011 11:32 PM
Truly a quality, personal bank.
9/28/2011 1:04 AM
Excellent customer service. Never a problem with website. Never an error in my account.
9/27/2011 6:17 PM
The personal service is exceptional. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect.
9/27/2011 1:29 PM
Very satisfied with the service from the bank’s personnel.
9/27/2011 10:45 AM
Customer Service is excellent, you are not just number, but a person.
10/2/2011 12:21 AM
A pleasant bunch of knowledgeable people who strive to give the best in customer service.
9/27/2011 6:17 PM
A bank that takes the time to understand your needs as a professional service provider and provide services to address those needs.
9/27/2011 3:45 PM
Excellent service and knowledge.
9/27/2011 1:28 PM
9/27/2011 9:16 AM
Sandy Bell and Doris at the main branch have been wonderful—fixing any problems with as little hassle as possible
9/28/2011 8:45 AM
It all started when I came to you for a new car loan. I learned to love Executive National and the people who work there. I also like that you are loyal to your employees. I’ve been dealing with many of the same people for as long as I can remember (Doris Aponte, Bessie Tomlin, Sandy Dube Bell). They really have become like family.
9/30/2011 9:53 PM
9/27/2011 12:24 AM
Efficient, friendly and courteous
9/27/2011 10:01 AM
It’s not just the people in the branch that handle money, but even the guards and cleaning staff are friendly and helpful.
9/27/2011 3:45 PM
Private bankers are extremely helpful and friendly. They always try to resolve a problem and answer questions in a timely fashion.
9/27/2011 10:45 AM
Best bank for the nature of my business…property mgmt
9/27/2011 9:29 AM
Sound and solid bank that treats customers in a way that makes them feel that they are a part of the bank and not just a customer.
9/27/2011 3:53 PM
ENB is excellent and I would highly recommend your institution to everyone I speak with!
9/27/2011 9:08 AM
A family bank that really cares for its customers.
9/30/2011 9:33 PM
Always very available.
9/28/2011 1:04 AM
Problems are always resolved, very courteous staff
9/27/2011 10:41 AM

Excellent bank.
9/27/2011 11:32 PM
Reliable. Great communications.
9/27/2011 4:32 PM
GREAT bank!
9/27/2011 4:03 PM
The best bank around!
9/27/2011 2:04 PM
Personalized banking
9/27/2011 10:00 AM
Perfect for my business
9/27/2011 9:29 AM
Every facet of your operation is first class.
9/30/2011 9:33 PM
Close to home, local bank, friendly staff, transactions very prompt, easy drive thru.
9/27/2011 3:11 PM
Individualized care and customer service.
9/27/2011 2:04 PM
EASY to do business with.
9/27/2011 10:34 AM