Online fraud techniques are becoming more sophisticated, so the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has called on banks to make eBanking authentication/login more secure.
Executive National Bank’s eBanking partner, FIS, is taking a proactive approach to protect you by implementing NEW eBanking login processes for personal and small business accounts. The following changes will become effective in 2013:
  • Remove Authentication Image
  • Remove Authentication Phrase
  • Remove User-Created Challenge Questions
  • Add One-Time Security Code Authentication (see below)
  • Add System-Generated Security Questions (see below)
When you login to eBanking from a new computer or location, you may be asked to validate your identity by:
1.       One-Time Security Code Authentication
2.       System-Generated Security Questions
(also known as “Out of Wallet” questions) based on information in public records
Sample Question: Which of the following is your current mortgage-holder?
If you select, One-Time Security Code Authentication, you will have the following options:
1.       Phone Authentication — you will receive a one-time security code on the eBanking screen. Speak or dial this security code on the telephone when you receive the automated call.
2.       Text Message (SMS) Authentication —you will receive a one-time security code by SMS text message. Enter this security code on your Consumer eBanking login page (pictured).
Please note: it is essential that you add all of your contact phone numbers to your Executive National Bank account profile.
We are working hard to make this a seamless transition, so we encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you have about the new eBanking login process. Please call Beata Bezen at 305.274.8382.