Deposit Advantage, our Remote Deposit Capture solution, allows you to deposit checks quickly and securely from the comfort of your office. This custom solution consists of a desktop check scanner, workstation check capture software, and a secured web link to Executive National Bank that allows you to streamline operations and facilitate funds management.

With Deposit Advantage’s extended deposit window (open Monday through Friday until 5:30 p.m. EST), you won’t have to rush to the bank to deposit your checks! This service is quick to setup and easy to use. We provide free training and unlimited technical support.

How Does It Work? Section 3 (16) of the Check 21 Act allows a check image and MICR line capture at the point of presentment to serve as a "substitute check" for the original, paper check.

  • Extended Same-Day Deposit Window (5:30pm EST)
  • Duplicate Check Detection
  • Real-time, Web-based Administration
  • Online Reports (including Check Image Reports)
  • Archives Data for 90 days
  • Automated Endorsement Configuration
  • Reduce time and labor expenses associated with driving to the bank
  • Eliminate the paperwork, time and expense associated with deposit tickets
  • Reduce deposit adjustment notices and subsequent fees
  • Simplify bank reconciliations
  • Improve efficiency by automating check endorsements
Fees    Contact a Treasury Service representative at 305.274.8382